Safer transport - TSA locks and silica gels

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Silica gels for dehumidification

Although the transport cases are airtight, if they are open during use, moisture may get inside. This can be harmful to sensitive items such as electronics. Silica gel is the solution to this problem. This re-drying dehumidifier effectively absorbs moisture from airtight spaces such as protective cases, keeping items dry and safe. Silica gel conveniently tells you by color when the cartridge is saturated with moisture. When it is full, the silica gel is dried in the oven and it is ready for use again.


TSA Locks for safe travel

TSA locks are otherwise normal locks, but they are equipped with a cable lock, a number code and a place for a TSA key. This allows the case to be locked and unlocked using a TSA key. A special advantage of TSA locks is that they can be opened at the airport if necessary. Security personnel have the right to inspect the contents of the case if necessary, and the TSA lock allows this inspection to be carried out without having to break the lock. This saves both passengers and airport staff trouble.


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