This is how placing an order works

You can buy our products in the online store, on site in Lahti or with a separate purchase order. In our own warehouse, you can find a comprehensive selection of transport cases for immediate delivery.

Customized transport cases and foams

1. Contact us by phone, email or you are welcome to visit us in Lahti.

2. State all the dimensions of the supplies to be packed in the case or take the supplies with you when you come to visit, and we will find the most optimal case for it. You can also send the goods to be packed to us, and we will design a suitable transport solution for them. Foams can also be designed with the help of 3D CAD files, which are available from packaged products.

NOTE! Gun cases are made in one working day. Gun cases are designed in the morning, and in the afternoon you get a ready-made case with customized foams. Therefore, make an appointment separately so that we can reserve time from production to make a customized gun case for you.

3. You don't need to know which case is the most suitable for your products. Contact us and tell us your wishes and we will suggest you the best case choices and other possible options as well. We customize the case to give your goods the best possible protection.

4. Remember to inform us all the items you want inside the case. Think about whether the packed goods have a charger, accessories, cables or, for example, an instruction manual that needs its own space in the case? Also tell us if you want additional accessory slots and if the product needs to be packed in a certain direction in the case. Any special requests at this stage are welcome.

5. We will send you an offer that takes into account all costs up to the finished product.

6. When the project is started, a layout of the interior is submitted for approval before manufacturing.

7. Finally, we will deliver the finished case to you with the products inside and in their respective places. If you are using the products to be packed and they cannot stay with us during manufacturing, it is sufficient that they are with us during the measurement, so you will receive a bag with customized foams in the return shipment.

Delivery times and payments

COMPANIES AND AUTHORITIES: We ask that you submit the delivery- and billing addresses, a possible reference or purchase order number, and the contact person's information with the order. We prefer online invoicing.

CONSUMERS: You can order the products from the online store or pay them on site in Lahti. We invoice customization projects in advance.

DELIVERY TIMES: Vary depending on the project, but it is typically 1–2 days for stock products, 1–2 weeks for ordered stock products. Sometimes the case to be ordered may not be available in the European central warehouse, in which case the delivery time may be longer. We will always inform you about non-standard delivery times separately. For customized products, the delivery time is normally 1–3 weeks, depending on its size. The gun cases are made during the same day when the gun is brought to Lahti to be measured. Smaller projects can be completed in a day if necessary, larger ones in a few weeks.