There are things that cost almost nothing to lose. Things that can always be replaced by a new one. Then there are things that are so valuable that you can't afford to lose them. They should be protected. Any protection is not durable and long-lasting. Cheap does not protect expensive. That's why we specialize in protection solutions that are not cheap, but worth a lot. They will take care of your property for decades and can always be updated as needed in our own factory with Finnish work, according to your wishes. If you wish, we are involved in planning your transport and protection solution from the beginning of your product development.

As a professional
The professional listens and solves the real need of the professional. Transportation solutions tailored to the needs are guaranteed to work with domestic design and manufacturing.

Your lifelong partner
Our products withstand hard use and demanding conditions and can be updated again and again. We provide the longest warranty on the market. You only need one bag for the life of your product.

Always reachable
On weekdays, we answer questions in an hour and deliver the finished product in two at best.

About us

The people behind CC-Case

We are a family business located Lahti, Finland. Our top team consists of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals who share our family's values. According to our customers, the cohesion and trust between our team members is also visible on the outside. Our operation is based on a principle learned from childhood: promises are kept and work is always done properly.

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ISO 9001:2015

The basis of our operation is the certified ISO 9001:2015 quality and operating system.