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Protecting and transporting weapons properly is of paramount importance to ensure their longevity and safe use. A high-quality gun case is one of the best ways to guarantee the safe transport and storage of weapons. Peli offers a wide selection of gun cases for different weapons and different needs, from professional use by the defense forces to hunting. Peli gun cases can be divided into three main series: Protector, Air and Storm. Each series has its own strength and suitability for different weapons. This guide examines how to choose the gun case that best suits your needs.


Every gun enthusiast, hunter or person who carries a gun in their job knows that protecting weapons and equipment in changing conditions is absolutely important. A high-quality gun case protects the gun from moisture, dust and shocks, ensuring its long-lasting and safe use.

The biggest differences in gun cases from different manufacturers are the size of the cases and their structure. If, for example, the walls of the case are not strong enough or the structure has not taken into account stiffeners, the lid of the case may not fit properly with its lower part and thus the case will be difficult to use.

Peli products in the three main series, Protector , AIR and Storm , are designed to withstand extreme conditions, and their maximum durability is guaranteed by several highly refined features. Whether your need is a strong rifle case, a durable case, a waterproof gun case or a protective transport case, you will find it all in a comprehensive and versatile Peli product range.

All Peli  cases are completely waterproof, shockproof and dustproof. Peli  cases are made of high-quality copolymer polypropylene, which makes them reliable and durable in all conditions. All Peli  cases have also passed the military's strict MIL C-4150J, STANAG 4280 and Def Stan 81-41 tests and meet the requirements of the ATA standard. Most of the products have NATO NSN numbers.



For example, gun cases designed for rifles can be found in all three Peli product family. The shortest of the models, Peli 1700 and Peli Storm iM3100 are perfectly suited for a short carbine, AR or AK type rifle or a longer model with a detachable barrel. The short gun case is easy to carry due to its size, and thanks to the polyurethane wheels with bearings, the case can also be easily pulled. The waterproof, dustproof and shockproof case can cope with any situation and fits well in, for example, a car. Peli rifle cases can also be stacked on top of each other when packing a larger unit, for example in a truck or warehouse.

The longest models, such as Peli 1750 , Peli AIR 1755 and Peli Storm iM3220, on the other hand, are well suited for, among other things, sniper rifles with large binoculars. These cases are strong, but light and, like smaller cases, can be easily moved with wheels. Peli, on the other hand, are suitable for pistols AIR or Peli Protector series cases, depending on how many pistols you want to pack in the bag. AIR series models are other Peli  cases, lighter, but very durable and suitable for professional use. The Protector series cases, on the other hand, are known for being practically unbreakable and resistant to hard use regardless of the conditions.

Shockproof and waterproof and dustproof Peli are suitable for cartridges series cases, such as the handy Peli 1120 or the similar, slightly larger Peli 1150 . The best-selling Peli case is Peli 1750 , because it is ordered especially for the United States and other NATO countries.



The equipment of professionals requires special and customized protection. CC-Case has a long experience with gun cases and their customizations, after all, we have delivered hundreds of rifle cases with customized interiors to the defense forces of different countries around the world. In addition to the defense forces, we have also supplied and customized gun cases for gun enthusiasts and competitive shooters. So we know what kind of customization a gun case needs in order to protect valuable equipment even in harsh conditions.

Peli bags have a set of padding that comes with the case, often made of foam, which is intended to be shaped by the user himself. Foam is very suitable for short-term use, but does not withstand heavy wear and rarely provides sufficient protection for weapons.

CC-Case's customized cushions are shaped so that the scope of the gun is best protected. After all, the binoculars are often the most sensitive component of the whole setup. Customization also makes it possible to pack several different weapons or units in the same case. For example, two rifles and a pistol can be packed in one case, as well as accessories such as a tripod, straps, slide and gun cleaning supplies.

Contact us and we'll choose a gun case that suits your needs together!


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