Customer experience - M50 case for transporting Light Intensifier

pelipeli case
Asiakaskokemus-M50-laukku-Valonvahvistimen-Kuljetuksessa CC-Case Oy

"I am into hunting, and I actively use a light intensifier as an accessory. I used to keep the light intensifier in the bag that came with it. However, the bag did not offer enough protection and I needed a smarter way to carry the light intensifier with me in the forest. The M50 protective case offered a perfect solution to this need.

The M50 protective case makes transporting the light amplifier easy and effortless, and at the same time reliably protects the device. The case is light and compact, so it is easy to carry in different environments and conditions.

I sent the light intensifier to be modeled and received it back in a ready-made custom case within the same week. The customer service experience with CC-Case was very positive. They were friendly and the conversation connection was maintained throughout the ordering process.

I would definitely recommend the CC-Case to others who need a transport case. The ordering process was smooth and fast. The product even exceeded my expectations..."



The light intensifier needs and usage situations were carefully considered in the design of the light intensifier protective case.

The design process started with mapping the customer's needs. The most important thing was to ensure that the case offers sufficient protection and ease of use for transporting.

During the design phase, it was ensured whether the case needs to have space for batteries or charging cables, for example. Taking these needs into account ensured that the case was practical and functional when used by the customer. The design also took into account how the device is removed from the protective case. This was ensured by designing convenient lifting points in the case.

The external dimensions of the device were modeled and its layout in the case was precisely planned. The goal was to ensure that the light intensifier fits safely in the case and that it is easy to pick up and put in place.


After making the toolpaths, the foams were milled with a CNC machine in our own production. During the assembly phase, the processed foam was attached to the transport case and, in addition, a suitable cover pad was chosen to support the device.

As a whole, attention was paid to every detail during the design and production phases to ensure that the end result would be practical, functional and of high quality.



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