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A high-quality and durable transport case makes the daily work of many professionals smooth and facilitates everyday logistics. One of the best-known brands of transport case is Pelican™, known in Europe as Peli ™. Most of the Peli™ cases are now manufactured in Germany by Peli ™ own factory, which enables short product delivery times. In this guide, we get to know Peli ™ product families and we will tell you how to choose a transport case that suits your needs.

How Peli product families differ from each other?

The choice of a transport case is essentially influenced by the number of products to be packed, the mass, the conditions of use and who handles the cases. In the product families of Peli  cases, you will find a suitable transport case for every need.

Peli Protector - for demanding use

When you're looking for the most durable protection on the market, the Peli Protector series  becomes a clear first choice. The sturdy construction of these cases exudes durability, and although the case is heavier than other Peli  cases, it offers the best possible protection for the items being transported. Protector series cases are made of polypropylene in such a way that all its walls are hard on the outside and there are air bubbles in the middle, which in the event of an impact distribute the force over a larger surface area. This smart construction ensures that the case can withstand even the toughest knocks intact. The Protector series is the primary choice for professionals who require top protection in their work.

Peli™ AIR - light and reliable

Peli AIR series is specially designed for air travel and situations where you want to minimize the weight of the case. In order to make the case as light as possible, the material has been used as smartly as possible and only where it is really needed. Because of this, the AIR cases are not quite as rugged as the Protector series cases. Despite this, they still offer very good protection.

Peli™ Storm - durable and practical

Peli Storm cases are comparable to the Protector series, only the locking mechanism is different. The Storm cases use a push button lock, while the Protector series uses a twist latch lock. The push-button lock is quick and easy to open and close. The Storm series is a popular choice, especially among professionals who value practicality and a quick opening mechanism in a case.

Peli transport cases represent top quality among plastic protective cases, so their price is also higher than a standard protective case. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, we also offer more affordable case that are almost equivalent to Peli  case quality. However, it is important to note that the Peli products include a lifetime warranty and their spare parts are always available, which is very rarely happening in cheaper alternatives. Peli cases have been on the market for over 45 years, which reflects their long-term quality and reliability.

Choose the right type of transport case based on the items to be packed

When you're looking for a suitable transport case, first think about whether you need a portable or towed case. Take into account what you are going to pack in the case and how much the packed items weigh. Remember to consider all products to be packed, especially cables, which take up a surprising amount of space. When packing a heavy item, place it close to the cases's hinges so that the bag is easy to carry and the center of gravity remains low. When planning the interior, it is important to think about how the product will be placed in the bag and how it will be taken out. Here it is important to remember to leave room for finger and hand holes. The most common color in the case is black, but the cases are also available in different attention-grabbing colors, such as orange and yellow.

If the inside of the case gets wet, it should be carefully dried as soon as possible. Cases are waterproof and airtight, so if the lid is closed and the interior is wet, the products inside and the padding start to mold. As cheap insurance, we always recommend getting a re-dryable silica gel cartridge inside the case.

A perfect fit means optimal protection: CC-Case protects your product with customized foams

CC-Case offers its own packaging design service , the end result of which is perfectly suited, customized foams and case interiors for your packaged products. You can deliver your packed items to us, according to the dimensions of which we will design the foams for your case. We can also design the foams using the 3D CAD files you send. However, the best end result is achieved when the real goods are delivered to us in Lahti during the designing process.

If you want to design your own interior, please note the following:

  • Inner wheel wells. Use 3D CAD files of Peli OEM cases with the interior modeled. You can find the models on Pelican's international pages .
  • Leave at least 20 mm of padding on the edges.
  • Use the stated inner dimensions of the case as the outer dimensions. We will slice the thicknesses of the foams later, taking into account the smaller outer dimensions of the foams caused by the angle of the bag.
  • Prefer foam thickness in heights of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 100 mm. You can make the holes to the depth you want.

You can send us your plans for comments at an early stage, so that we can get to the finish line faster together. If you wish, we are involved in planning your transport and protection solution from the beginning of your product development.

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