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Räkit vaativaan pakkaus- ja kuljetuskäyttöön - valintaopas CC-Case Oy

From place to place sensitive equipment, instruments and electronics that are being moved need reliable and durable protection. Especially in defense tasks, terminal devices can be transported in challenging conditions, in which case it is important to protect them from moisture and shocks. The world-famous Peli™ Hardigg rack boxes are known for being able to withstand all kinds of conditions and are perfectly suited for professional use. This article presents the features of Peli™ Hardigg racks in more detail and guides you on how to choose the rack that fits your needs.


In professional use, such as the equipment and electronics utilized in the defense tasks of the army, they are not only expensive and sensitive, but often also play a key role in terms of the success of the tasks. Devices are moved and packed also in challenging and variable conditions, so the packaging boxes must be durable and reliable. Peli™, known for its packaging and transport boxes, manufactures rack boxes for demanding professional use. Peli™ Hardigg rack boxes are world-renowned for their first-class durability and longevity. Through innovative design processes and rigorous tests, they have been found to withstand repeated drops, shocks and immersion in water while keeping the devices undamaged.

Peli™ Hardigg manufactures racks for storing and transporting terminals with 19'' EIA mounting standards. The racks can be easily moved and stacked on top of each other. The rack frame of the products in the series has a standard width, 19 inches or 482.6 mm in size. The racks always have a removable front and back cover, which can also be cleverly used, for example, as a storage space for removable wheels or other equipment.

The lengths of the racks vary depending on the model series, and rack sets of different lengths are available for different needs. The height of the rack is marked with a standardized U-value, where one U is 1.75'' or 44mm. The most commonly used heights in racks are 5U, 7U and 9U. The 19-inch terminals use this same U dimensioning. For example, a cross connection cable or power distribution rail is often 1U in height, and the devices are attached to the frame with screws from their front wall. Long and heavy devices are supported in the middle or at the back so that the front panel is not subjected to too much stress.



The Peli™ Hardigg series offers racks in eight different product families, which differ from each other in terms of protection level, equipment and rack frame. All rack models have a rubber attachment, thanks to which the rack frame is detached from the outer shell of the rack and the devices practically "float" in the frame inside the rack. The breathability of the rack is guaranteed by means of a custom seal on the covers, which ensures that the rack "breathes" from the seam. The rack can also be equipped with a pressure equalization valve, making it completely water- and airtight.

Peli™ Black Box is the basic rack model, which is produced in sizes 3-14U. This rack model has a steel rack frame and sturdy M6 threads for attaching equipment. The Black Box's maximum load capacity is 50 kilograms. The model is also available in a 30-inch version, which is excellent for long servers. The models in the product family are ideal for storing and transporting, for example, audio and video, radio, data collection and satellite communication equipment.

In the Peli™ Super-V and Classic-V models, the attachment to the rack frame is made with frame nuts. The maximum load capacity of the models varies from 35 kilograms to 75 kilograms. The V-models also have wheels that are placed either on the back cover of the rack or with quick-release fasteners on the bottom of the rack. The Classic-V model is available in sizes 3-9U and the Super V model is available in sizes 3-14U.

Peli™ Mac and SuperMac are racks equipped with an aluminum rack frame, with a maximum load of over 100 kg. Models are produced in sizes 3-14U. These rack models are customized and equipped with accessories already at the factory, which is why they are always delivered as a factory order.

Classic Hardigg is the flagship collection of Peli racks, which is produced in size 3-27U and its maximum load is more than 154 kg. The rack frame of the Classic Hardigg model is made of aluminum and is attached by screwing the devices directly onto the frame. The models of the series are already customized and furnished at the factory, which is why these racks are always made to order from the factory.

In addition to these, the Peli™ Hardigg series also includes the MinMac and ProRack product families, which are, however, somewhat rarer than other models in Europe. BlackBox and racks from the V product families are basic models that are readily available from the European central warehouse. Other rack models, on the other hand, can be ordered from the factory with a delivery time of about three months.



Over the years, CC-Case has specialized in customizing and furnishing rack boxes needed for military use. We make the Rack boxes to order, and we customize the 19-inch boxes according to the customer's needs. All custom-made racks are dustproof, watertight and available with a pressure equalization valve.

If necessary, other special accessories from our wide selection can also be added to the rack boxes, such as connectors, connector panels, ventilation and ventilation solutions, power supply options and cabling, pull-out shelves, drawers and handles.

All racks manufactured by CC-Case comply with the strict military grade level. The number of delivered racks shows the quality and our know-how; more than 1000 pieces for military use. In 2010, we delivered the most Peli™ Hardigg rack boxes in all of Europe.

Contact us and we will choose a rack box that suits your needs together !


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