Correctly modifying the Pick N Pluck padding of Peli cases

pelipeli casepick n pluck
Peli-laukkujen Pick N Pluck-pehmusteen oikeaoppinen muokkaaminen CC-Case Oy

Peli™ - Pick N Pluck foams

The manufacturer of Peli cases also supplies cases with Pick N Pluck foam sets, in which case the padding set includes a lid egg foam and the foam sheets of the lower part, which are 1-7 pieces depending on the case. The foam panels at the bottom have pre-cut squares for shaping. The squares can be removed by tearing off their collars, so design is easy and fast.


Pick N Pluck foams are mainly intended for temporary use, as the foam does not last very long and its protective properties are not very good if the product to be packed is heavy. For this kind of use, we rather recommend closed-cell foam as the material that we use in our customization production. See here for more.


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