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When it comes to transporting the tools needed in a demanding profession, you don't want to leave anything to chance. Professionals in industry, mechanics and electrical engineering, as well as rescuers and photographers, carry sensitive and valuable equipment in their work, the protection of which is of paramount importance. A high-quality and durable tool case guarantees that the tools travel with you intact and in order wherever your work takes you. Peli™ cases are the most well-known tool cases on the market suitable for demanding professional use. This article breaks down the customizable Peli™ cases suitable for professional use and guides you on how to choose the right tool case for your needs. 

High-quality Peli™ cases are effective protection for your tools

In demanding professions, tools, equipment and equipment are not only valuable and sensitive, but can also play a key role in tasks related to national defense, life saving or maintenance. There are three case collections from the Peli™ product family for different sized devices and accessories needed at work; Peli Protector , Peli Air and Peli Storm as well as other products suitable for storing tools, such as Peli Hardigg racks and Ruck storage boxes.

Compared to inexpensive cases, often made of aluminum, Peli  cases made of injection-molded polypropylene are more durable and compact. They are designed for demanding professional use, and the extensive collection includes both lightweight cases suitable for transporting laptops and tablets as well as sturdy case models on wheels. The absolute advantage of Peli  cases is their suitability for all kinds of conditions, travel and heavy tool sets.

How to choose the right tool case from the versatile Peli product family?

The choice of a tool case should be approached with the purpose of use first. Do you carry the case with you every day, does it travel with you around the world or domestically, and what kind of tools does it carry? High-quality and durable Peli  cases serve professional groups far and wide, and in the wide selection you can find a suitable tool casefor every need.

Professionals in industry, mechanics, electrical engineering and maintenance

Sensitive electronic equipment, such as sensor devices, optometers and distance meters, required for many installation, service and maintenance jobs require customized and robust protection to remain intact and in working order. In Peli cases, tools and systems are protected from moisture, dust and chemicals and can be easily moved from one place to another. Peli AIR bags are light and small in size, and are therefore well suited for professional use. For example, Peli AIR 1535 is perfect for business travels, while the Peli 1510 on wheels is the right choice for those with more substantial needs and those who travel a lot abroad.

Rescue and safety professionals

In the field of rescue and safety, the contents of a tool case may even save a life. So it doesn't matter what kind of case the equipment and accessories are stored and transported in. Peli product family you can find durable cases and boxes suitable for storing and transporting medical equipment and first aid supplies.

Unbreakable and waterproof Peli  cases designed for the needs of police officers, soldiers and security guards working in the security sector are used for storing and transporting critical equipment and weapons, even in harsh conditions. Peli Protector , Peli Storm and the lighter Peli Air are especially suitable for the security industry - they are known to have survived any situation and are known as the trusted equipment of the defense forces.

Photographers and media professionals

A thousand dollar picture is rarely taken in one's own backyard. Valuable photography equipment, such as cameras, lenses and flashes as well as computers and tablets, therefore travel with the professional both at home and abroad. Peli™ product family you can find reliable and durable cases in which the equipment remains intact and protected from moisture and dirt in all conditions. For example, from the versatile Peli Protector series, you can find several cases suitable for camera equipment, where each equipment has its own place.

CC-Case completes your tool bag with customized foams and accessories

CC-Case has a long experience with tool cases needed for demanding professional use. Often, the best end result that meets the user's needs is obtained with customer-specific customization, where the case is finished with closed-cell foams. The customized foams are designed using tools, so that each item has its own place and it is safe and easy to transport them. The foams are often made in layers, so that the tools can be placed in the case and each layer is suitable, for example, according to the purpose of use. Customized foams can also be made with attention colors, making it easier to notice the missing tool. Such implementations are especially emphasized in demanding, for example, maintenance tasks of airplanes and helicopters.

The tool case can also serve as an external case for the equipment or tool to be packed, in which case the electronics are protected inside the bag. As a customized service, CC-Case also implements case cooling, ventilation, 12V/24V/240V systems, docks, floating structures and DIN rails. The openings of the bags as well as the operating and connection panels are all delivered under one and the same roof. Stickers, signs and silk-screen printing with your desired logo or text can also be added to the tool bags.


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