New Peli AIR 1755 released!

1755mollepeli airpeli case
Uusi Peli AIR 1755 julkaistu! CC-Case Oy

New Peli AIR 1755

Peli released the longest case model for the Peli AIR series. The inner length is almost 1400 mm, so it is an excellent case for e.g. long rifles, tripods, etc.

The cover of the case has screw towers for attaching MOLLE panels. The MOLLE panel can be attached to e.g. military equipment designed for MOLLE attachments.

External dimensions: 146.9 × 43.9 × 22.5 cm

Internal dimensions: 139.7 × 35.6 × 20.3 cm

Weight: 12.8 kg

  • The longest Peli Air case
  • Two-handed side handle
  • 12 screw towers on the inside of the cover for attaching MOLLE panels
  • Water and dustproof and shockproof
  • Corner wheels at the other end
  • New generation HPX2™ patented plastic material - strong and light
  • New Press and Pull™ latches
  • O-ring seal
  • Includes name card slot as standard
  • Automatic pressure equalization valve
  • IP67 & MIL-SPEC certified


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