Foam materials

We deliver cellular plastic sheets pre-cut or as whole sheet pieces according to your wishes.

In our production, we use only the best raw materials from leading foam manufacturers, such as Zotefoam and Sekisui. Foams, i.e. cushioning materials, are selected according to the intended use and the mass of the product to be packed.

In customized foams, we often use closed-cell plastic as a material. Closed-cell plastic is a dense plastic that effectively absorbs vibrations and shocks and does not let water in, which makes it an excellent weatherproof protection. The recycling rate of closed-cell plastic is around 30% and it is 100% energy waste.

We also use open-cell foam grades that are suitable for less demanding packing methods, such as packing TVs, computers or household appliances. They are lighter and more affordable than closed-cell plastics, and they are 100% recyclable for reuse as cushioning material. However, open-cell padding materials are not intended for continuous use, as they are at best disposable packaging materials.

Our experts will help you choose the right padding material so that your accessories get the best possible protection.

Material options for closed-cell foams