We protect your product with customized inner parts

In professional use, more is required from the transport case. That's why our services include custom-made design and machining services.

Our customization services include:
Packaging design, manufacturing of cellular plastic interiors for cases, 19" turnkey transport racks, cellular plastic subcontracting, other special applications

Foam customization and packaging design

We protect your product with customized inner parts

In our own production, we make customized closed-cell plastic cushions for all kinds of cases. Top-quality closed-cell plastic cushions keep the products in place and safe during transport. Our CAD designers model the interior parts to fit with precision using different technologies. We cut the foams with a CNC-controlled machines in our own production according to the dimensions of your case or box and product. Our production is suitable for small and large series. We also make individual pieces and are happy to help you choose the right padding material.

Check our most typical foam grades we use.

Rack customization

We manufacture rack boxes to order

In our own production, we customize 19" racks according to the customer on a turnkey basis. Our racks are dustproof, waterproof and available with a pressure equalization valve. You can choose the special equipment you like from our wide selection, such as connectors, connector panels, ventilation and ventilation solutions, power supply options and cabling, pull-out shelves, boxes and handles. All our racks comply with the strict military grade level.

Customization of cases

Customer-oriented implementations for bags and cases

The case can also act as an external case for the equipment to be packed, so the electronics are protected inside the bag. We implement case cooling, ventilation, 12V/24V/240V systems, docks, floating structures, DIN rails, etc. We make the openings for the case in our own production and also deliver the operating and connector panels.

Through us you can also order stickers, signs and silkscreen printing with your own texts or logos.


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